Small Plates

Rock oysters – 1, 2 or 3 (Native oysters when available) – £6 / £10 / £15
Tobasco & lemon (MO, SD)

hummus – £7.50
Lebanese atbread, spiced chickpeas, sumac dressing (G, PB, SD, SS)

Gordal olives – £6
Home marinated in extra virgin olive oil, lemon, garlic & rosemary (PB, SD)

Freshly baked sourdough – £6.50
Extra virgin olive oil, balsamic (G, PB, SD)

Chorizo – £8.50
Yellison Crowdie goats’ cheese & Welsh honey (D, SD)

Spiced calamari – £8.50
Tzatziki & lime (G, MO, S)

Falafel – £7
Baba ganoush, herbs, pomegranate dressing (G, S, SD, SS, PB)


Rosemary crumb feta – £9
Spiced confit tomatoes, oregano & lime dressing (E, F, SD, V available)

Welsh rarebit – £7
Sourdough toast, caramelised red onion jam (G, D, M, SD, V)

Crispy gnocchi £11
Nduja honey sauce, buffalo mozzarella, 14 month old cured Parma ham (G, D, SD)

Salt & pepper chicken wings – £9 (CE, G, M, S, SS)
Cauliflower wings – £8.50 (CE, G, M, S, SS, PB)
Hot chilli & garlic mayo, spring onions, sesame seeds

Y Cwt Mwg smoked duck breast – £12
Pickled wild mushrooms, sourdough croutons, baby leaves, Madeira dressing (G, SD)

OC signature seafood chowder – £10 (CR, D, F, G, MO)
as a main –  £18
Warm sourdough 

Smoked mackerel – £9.50
Fennel, grapefruit, gremolata (F, SD)


OC burger – £19
Two Welsh short rib burgers, crisp smoked maple streaky bacon, mature Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickles, signature burger sauce, Pierre Komann fries, slaw (CE, D, G, M, S, SD)

Mapo tofu- £21
Oyster & shiitake mushrooms, Szechuan sauce, coconut rice, chilli, coriander, spring onions (S, SD, SS, PB)

Cornish hake Kyiv – £24
Lobster, garlic & chive butter, celeriac purée, fennel pollen, tender stem broccoli (D, E, F, G, S, SD, CE)

Falafel burger – £17.50
Tzatziki, shaved fennel, Pierre Koffmann fries, slaw (G, S, SD, SS, PB)

Fish & chips – £19
Add curry sauce or gravy – £3
Oystercatcher lager batter, thick cut chips, tartar sauce, mushy peas (F, G, S)

Chettinad chicken curry – £19.50
Coconut rice, chillies, spring onions, coriander, poppadums, mango chutney, raita, lime pickle (G, SD, PB available)

Celtic pride beef sirloin steak sarnie – £24
Garlic ciabatta, caramelised red onion jam, Perl Las blue cheese, dressed rocket, Pierre Koffmann fries (G, D, S, SD)

Fish pie topped with Welsh cheddar & chive mash – £21
Seasonal veggies, dill, parmesan, fennel pollen (CE, CR, D, G, F, MO, D, SD)

Chicken parmigiana – £19
Mozzarella, parmesan, spaghetti, tomato & basil sauce (D, E, G, S, SD)

Pear, squash & Perl Las salad – £17.50 (D, G, SD) 
Add 14 month cured Parma ham – £3.50
Baby leaves, sourdough croutons, figs & balsamic


Thick cut chips – £4.75
Halen Mon sea salt (S)

Pierre Koffmann fries – £4.75
Rosemary Halen Mon sea salt (S)

Tender stem broccoli – £5.50
Garlic, lemon & chilli dressing (D, SD)

Mash – £4.75
Welsh salted butter & chives (D)

Roast roots – £5
Welsh salted butter & honey (D, SD)

House salad – £4.75
Fennel, radish, grapefruit & mojito dressing (SD)


Apple & berry almond butter crumble – £8.50
Madagascan vanilla custard, almond butter (N, S, PB)

Chocolate honeycomb brownie – £9
Red Boat honeycomb crunch gelato (D, E, G, SD, PB available)

Affogato – £10.50
Ferrero Rocher, Frangelico, espresso, Red Boat vanilla gelato (D, E, N, G, SD)

Sticky toffee pudding – £8.50
Red Boat vanilla gelato & toffee sauce (D, E, G, SD)

Snowdonia Cheddar & Per Las Blue cheese – £12.50
Oatcakes, celery, chutney, apricots, grapes

Hot chocolate bronut sundae – £9.50
Dark chocolate brownie, doughnuts, honeycomb, Red Boat chocolate flake gelato, marshmallows, hot chocolate sauce (D, E, G, S, SD)

Baked rice pudding – £7.50
Autumn berry compote (S, SD, PB)

Red Boat gelato – One, two or three scoops £3.50 / £5.50 / £7.50
Vanilla / Honeycomb crunch / Chocolate flake / Millionaire shortbread / Salted caramel (D, E, N, SD, PB available)

hot drinks

Espresso – £2.50/£3.50
Single or double

Americano – £3.50

Cappuccino – £4

Café latte – £4

Flat white – £4

Mocha – £4

Hot chocolate – £4
Hot chocolate ‘The Works’ (D, S, SD) – £5
With or without cream / marshmallows

liqueur coffee – £7.50

Selection of teas & infusions – £3.5

Oat, Soya & Coconut milk available

children’s menu

Burger – £7.50
Fries, slaw (D, E, G, S, SD)

Southern fried chicken – £7.50
Fries, BBQ sauce (CE, E, G, M, S, SD)

Fish & chips – £7.50
Heinz baked beans (F, G, S)

Spaghetti – £7
Tomato & basil sauce, garlic bread (D, SD, G)

Margherita garlic ciabatta pizza – £7.50
Fries, salad (D, G, S, SD)

Beans on toast – £7
Thick cut toasted wholemeal bread, Welsh salted butter, Heinz baked beans – Ask for grated Cheddar cheese (D, G)

Kids’ sundae – £7
Red Boat vanilla gelato, marshmallows, Cadbury’s Flake, squirty cream (D, E, G, SD)

The following key will help you to identify what allergens are present in our dishes
CE – Celery CR – Crustaceans D – Dairy F – Fish E – Eggs SD – Sulphur Dioxide L – Lupin N – Nuts
S – Soya MO – Molluscs P – Peanuts M – Mustard G – Gluten SS – Sesame seeds

The following key will help you identify which dishes are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets
V – Suitable for Vegetarians PB – Plant Base